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Serological Pipette

HM disposable Pipettes are widely used in cell culture, clinical research and microorganism experiment. Also it is possible to use various applications.
We provide wide range of Pipette volume from 1ml to 50ml.

Easy to use by individual pack
Different volume to different color to be recognized easily
Included filter in the inlet
Non cytotoxic
Non pyrogenic
Vivid print Ascending & Descending Scales
Sterilized with Gamma
Made of high transparency polystyrene

Model No. Capacity Subdivisions Sterilized Color code Packing
H7201Y 1ml 0.01ml Gamma Yellow 100ea/Pack, 1000/Case
H7202G 2ml 0.01ml Gamma Green 100ea/Pack, 800ea/Case
H7205B 5ml 0.1ml Gamma Blue 50ea/Pack, 300ea/Case
H7210R 10ml 0.1ml Gamma Red 50ea/Pack, 200ea/Case
H7225P 25ml 0.2ml Gamma Purple 50ea/Pack, 200ea/Case
H7250B 50ml 1ml Gamma Black 25ea/Pack, 100ea/Pack