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PLASTIC WAREMicro Centrifuge Tube 1.5mL

Micro Centrifuge Tube 1.5mL

Micro centrifuge tubes are produced with high quality and high strength polypropylene to meet the needs for various applications in molecular biology experiments. They open smoothly and close tightly.

Manufactured clear virgin polypropylcne and full automatic robot system included molding in cleanroom
Certified Non-pyrogenic
Maximum centrifugal forces are 16000xg
Attached the flat cap
Tubes have a frosted writing surface on side
Caps are easy to handle with can be opened and closed with one hand
Tubes have molded-in graduation in 0.5ml increments

Cat. No. Capacity Material Sterilization Packing
H23015 1.5 ml PolyPropylene Non 500ea / Pack, 5000ea / Case