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Square Dish

Square dishes have been widely used for cell culture. The surface area with wide scales is useful to identify the location of individual colony.

Used for microbial research such as colony picking
Excellent surface treatment provides a large culture area.
Polystyrene with excellent transparency facilitates microscopy.
Uniform bottom surface without distortion facilitates better culture.
Scales make it possible to form colonies, to count cells in colony formation and to measure plating efficiency.
Easy to identify the location of a colony
Unmanned and automated production systems minimize contamination which may occur during manual operation.
Perfect sterilization effects due to excellent E-beam treatment.

Cat. No. Dish type(㎜) Height(㎜) Growth(㎠) Recommanded
Midium Volumn
Q'ty/pack Q'ty/case
H12125 125 17.8 21 4.2 - 63ml 10 240