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Petri Dish

Hyundai Micro Co., Ltd. provides three sizes of Petri dishes for various purposes in laboratories.
All products are made of high quality Polymers.

Suitable for all types of culture
Nonskid bumps where dishes can be stacked
Polystyrene materials are used. Since they are as transparent as crystal, they are suitable for microscopy.
Uniform bottom surface provides excellent horizontality.
It is for multipurpose tests such as bacteria examination and gonococcus culture experiment.
   Few distortions occur during microscopy.
Non-treated dishes available for suspension culture.
All Petri dishes are produced by using high quality polymer.
Designed and fabricated in a very robust structure for stability of experiments.
Unmanned and automated production systems minimize contamination which may occur during manual operation.
Perfect sterilization effects due to excellent E-beam treatment.

Cat. No. Dimension Growth(㎠) Recommanded
Midium Volumn
Q'ty/pack Q'ty/case
H10060 Ø60 × H15mm 21 4.2 - 5㎖ 10 500
H10090 Ø90 × H15mm 47 9.3 - 14㎖ 10 500
H10150 Ø150 × H20mm 118 24 - 36㎖ 10 120