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FIBRAFIX® DEPTH FILTER SHEETS exhibit excellent and proven technology in filtering liquids and solid particles. Capacity of retention of foreign substance ranges up to 4kg / ㎡ They are collected by capillary tube in filtration pad and electrical interactions (zeta potential effect). Through this unique mechanism, high collection capacity exists. All materials are for the food field and are approved by FDA

    Beverages(beer, wine, juice etc)
    Pharmaceutical ingredients
    Ink, paint, adhesive
    Extracting medicinal herbs & natural ingredients
    Industrial water
Size     All grades of DEPTH FILTER SHEETS are provided in many types and sizes in a range of
    1,215mm X 2,425mm. (square, rectangle, disc, folding and inner diameter, contact
    us for further details) Please feel free to contact us for sizes and quotations.

Standard item Bulk item Retention rate (㎛) Note
FILTRODUR® - - Supporting Sheet
AF-6 - 35~15 Coarse filtration
AF-9 - 30~10
AF-15 - 20~8.0
AF-20 AF-21H 15~6.0 Purifications filtration
AF-30 AF-31H ( U3 ) 12~5.0
AF-40 AF-41H 9.0~4.0
AF-50 - 6.0~3.0
AF-70 AF-71H 3.0~1.5 Fine filtration
AF-100 AF-101H 1.5~0.6 Bacteria decrease
AFST-110 - 0.8~0.5
AFST-130 - 0.6~0.4
AFST-140 - 0.4~0.2 Removal of
AFST-150 - 0.2~0.04
Bulk item : By increasing capacity of retention of foreign substance compared to general items, service life is extended.

FIBRAFIX TX-R DEPTH FILTER SHEETS remove TCR (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) efficiently from wine or other beverages.
TX-R sheets do not affect the original flavor and aroma compared to other methods to remove TCR.

PURAFIX® or PURAFIX® P DEPTH FILTER SHEETS are high purity filter sheets. PURAFIX® has very low ion leakage. PURAFIX® P has a very low pyrogen and ion leakage.
In particular, they are suitable for pharmaceutical field or other field where high purity is required.

    API (Active Pharmaceutical ingredient)
    Beverages (hard liquor)
    Biochemistry (enzyme)
    Extracting medicinal herbs or other natural ingredients

Standard item Bulk item Retention rate (㎛) Note
CH-6 ( P ) - 35~15 Coarse filtration
CH-9 ( P ) - 30~10
CH-15 ( P ) - 20~8.0
CH-20 ( P ) CH-21H ( P ) 15~6.0 Purifications filtration
CH-30 ( P ) CH-31H ( P ) 12~5.0
CH-40 ( P ) CH-41H ( P ) 9.0~4.0
CH-50 ( P ) - 6.0~3.0
CH-70 ( P ) CH-71H ( P ) 3.0~1.5 Fine filtration
CH-100 ( P ) CH-101H ( P ) 1.5~0.6 Bacteria decrease filtration
CH-ST-110 ( P ) - 0.8~0.5
CH-ST-130 ( P ) - 0.6~0.4
CH-ST-140 ( P ) - 0.4~0.2 Microorganism filtration
CH-ST-150 ( P ) - 0.2~0.04
Bulk item : By increasing capacity of retention of foreign substance compared to general items, its service life is extended.

FIBRAFIX®, FIBRAFIX®, TX-R, PURAFIX® and CARBOFIL® can be provided not only in sheets and but in Depth filter lenticular modules. They are disposable so it is more convenient and efficient compared to the existing filter pads.

Standard 12 inch 16 inch
Diameter 300mm 400mm
Filtration area/module(㎡) 1.8㎡ ( 19sqft ) 3.6㎡ ( 38sqft )
Height (flat adapter) 272mm 272mm
Height (bayonet adapter) 330mm 330mm
Above data are sizes for 16 cells. Items less than 16 cells can be supplied.
In most cases, flat adapters are used. Bayonet adapters are safe to use.
   They have double O-ring sealing gasket so they are suitable for aseptic filtration. It is easy to handle the adaptors.

Type Module Retention rate (㎛) Flow rate (ℓ/㎡min)
AF series AF-03 20 2,800~3,600
AF-09 10 1,500~2,100
AF-23 6.0 560~700
AF-33 5.0 280~360
AF-43 4.0 240~300
AF-73 1.5 170~210
CH series CH-03P 20 2,800~3,600
CH-09P 10 1,500~2,100
CH-23P 6.0 560~700
CH-33P 5.0 280~360
CH-43P 4.0 240~300
CH-73P 1.5 170~210
CH-103P 0.6 100~120
CH-113P 0.5 68~80
CH-133P 0.4 45~56
CH-143P 0.2 26~34
CH-153P 0.04 10~16

CARBOFIL®is a module filter used for discoloration and deodorization and other places which require functions of active carbon. As this is a disposable item, this solves all disadvantages while active carbon power or granule. Compared to standard actibated carbon sheets, the CARBOFIL® CA shows excellent performance in discoloration in the pharmaceutical API, chemical and cosmetic fields. All sizes of CARBOFIL® & CARBOFIL® CA products are the same as general FILTRODISKTM module filters and they are available only in general filter pad type like FIBRAFIX® or PURAFIX®