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Quantitative filter paper is used for precise quantitative analysis to detect kinds and amounts of materials in analysis samples.

Hyundai Micro’s quantitative filter paper is made of refined pulp with nearly 100% alpha-cellulose and has less than 0.1% of ash contents. As quantitative analysis requires high purity, it is washed with acid. This can be produced in any size that you need as well as in standard sizes.
We maintain the highest quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee reliable results.

    NO.50 ( 12~15㎛ )   NO.51 ( 8~12㎛ )
  The fastest filtration speed
  With fast filtration speed, it is a typical product
     used for quantitative analysis
  Suitable for filtration of coarse particles such as
     lead sulfide, Used for analysis of beer or malt
  Filtering coarse particles such as iron hydroxide,
     aluminum      hydroxide and chromium hydroxide
     Used to analyze silicon in steel and pig iron
  Used for analysis of lead sulfide,
     iron sulfide and silver sulfide
  Measurement of alkali carbonates
  Beer or malt analysis
  Filtration of solutions for electrolytic analysis,
     colorimetric analysis and optical instrument tests
  Filtration of pharmaceutical, zoological,
     and botanical experiments
  Suitable for analysis of food and soil
    NO.52 ( 3~5㎛ )   NO.53 ( 1~2㎛ )
  Suitable for filtration of precipitate for a wide
     range of quantitative analysis
  Used for fast filtration of fine precipitate
  The finest filter papers among Hyundai Micro
     cellulose filter papers
  Filtration of relatively fine particles such
     as lead dioxide, fluoride calcium,
     nickel sulfide and zinc sulfide
  Used for filtration of fine precipitate such as
     strontium sulfate, barium sulfate and mercury
  Used for filtration for pharmaceutical,
     zoological, botanical, and bacterial experiments
    NO.60 ( 2~3㎛ )   NO.30 ( 5~8㎛ )
  Thin filter speed with fast filtration speed
  Used for filtration of fine particles such as barium
     sulfate, metastannic acid and cuprous oxide
  Medium filtration speed and precision,
     suitable for filtration of medium-sized
     precipitate such as calcium oxalate, magnesium /
     ammonium phosphate
  Analysis of a very small amount of precious metal
  Beverage analysis
  Chemical and medical experiments
  Filtration of medium-sized precipitate such as
     calcium oxalate, magnesium phosphate,
     ammonium phosphate, potassium carbonate,
     zinc sulfide and stannic oxide
  Filtration of pharmaceutical, zoological,
     and botanical experiments
The pore sizes are indicated in accordance with the test methods selected by each filter paper manufacturer.
   Thus, filtration performance may be the same even though pore sizes are different from those of others manufacturers.

Grade Basic weight
( g / ㎡ )
( mm )
Filtration Speed
( s / 100ml )
Retention Rate
( ㎛ )
Ash Contents
( % )
No.50 84 0.20 40 12~15㎛ < 0.01
No.51 84 0.19 90 8~12㎛ < 0.01
No.52 84 0.16 800 3~5㎛ < 0.01
No.53 100 0.20 2,500 1~2㎛ < 0.01
No.60 84 0.15 1,200 2~3㎛ < 0.01
No.30 84 0.17 300 5~8㎛ < 0.01
Basic weight ( g / ㎡ ) : In accordance with DIN EN ISO 536, a test is performed with filter papers from 500㎠ to 1,000㎠
Thickness ( mm ) : In accordance with DIN EN ISO 534, the value measured with a thickness measurer under pressure
   of 10N / ㎠
Filtration speed (s / 10ml ) : Fold a filter paper with a diameter of 110m in quarter and soak it.
   Then, hang it and filter 10 ml of distilled water at 20 °C. Time that it takes for filtration is measured.
Retention rate ( ㎛ ) : Retention rate is calculated by test methods of filter paper manufactures. As each manufacturer has a
   different test method, use these data for reference only.
Ash Contents ( % ) : Weight of residues after 10g of filter paper is ignited in platinum crucible at 800℃.

Grade(mm) Ø 55 Ø 70 Ø 90 Ø 110 Ø 125
No.50 HM.5012055 HM.5012070 HM.5012090 HM.5012110 HM.5012125
No.51 HM.5108055 HM.5108070 HM.5108090 HM.5108110 HM.5108125
No.52 HM.5203055 HM.5203070 HM.5203090 HM.5203110 HM.5203125
No.53 HM.5301055 HM.5301070 HM.5301090 HM.5301110 HM.5301125
No.60 HM.6002055 HM.6002070 HM.6002090 HM.6002110 HM.6002125
No.30 HM.3005055 HM.3005070 HM.3005090 HM.3005110 HM.3005125
(Unit: 100 sheets/pack)  

Grade(mm) Ø 150 Ø 185 Ø 200 Ø 240 Ø 250
No.50 HM.5012150 HM.5012185 HM.5012200 HM.5012240 HM.5012250
No.51 HM.5108150 HM.5108185 HM.5108200 HM.5108240 HM.5108250
No.52 HM.5203150 HM.5203185 HM.5203200 HM.5203240 HM.5203250
No.53 HM.5301150 HM.5301185 HM.5301200 HM.5301240 HM.5301250
No.60 HM.6002150 HM.6002185 HM.6002200 HM.6002240 HM.6002250
No.30 HM.3005150 HM.3005185 HM.3005200 HM.3005240 HM.3005250
(Unit: 100 sheets/pack)  

Grade(mm) Ø 285 Ø 300 Ø 350 Ø 380 Ø 400
No.50 HM.5012285 HM.5012300 HM.5012350 HM.5012380 HM.5012400
No.51 HM.5108285 HM.5108300 HM.5108350 HM.5108380 HM.5108400
No.52 HM.5203285 HM.5203300 HM.5203350 HM.5203380 HM.5203400
No.53 HM.5301285 HM.5301300 HM.5301350 HM.5301380 HM.5301400
No.60 HM.6002285 HM.6002300 HM.6002350 HM.6002380 HM.6002400
No.30 HM.3005285 HM.3005300 HM.3005350 HM.3005380 HM.30054000
(Unit: 100 sheets/pack)  

Grade(mm) Ø 450 Ø 500 Ø 550 Ø 600 Ø 600×600
No.50 HHM.5012450 HM.5012500 HM.5012550 HM.5012600 HM.5012600A
No.51 HM.5108450 HM.5108500 HM.5108550 HM.5108600 HM.5108600A
No.52 HM.5203450 HM.5203500 HM.5203550 HM.5203600 HM.5203600A
No.53 HM.5301450 HM.5301500 HM.5301550 HM.5301600 HM.5301600A
No.60 HM.6002450 HM.6002500 HM.6002550 HM.6002600 HM.6002600A
No.30 HHM.3005450 HM.3005500 HM.3005550 HM.3005600 HM.3005600A
(Unit: 100 sheets/pack)  
Qualitative filter paper is available in a roll type as well as a sheet type.
For special sizes which are not mentioned in the above, please contact us.

현대마이크로 Whatman ADVANTEC
No.10 No.1 No.1
No.2 / No.20 No.2 No.2 / No.232
No.200 - -
No.100 No.6 No.3
No.21 - -
No.22 No.4 -
No.50 No.41 / No.54 / No.541 -
No.51 No.40 / No.43 No.5A
No.52 No.44 No.5B
No.53 No.42 No.5C
No.30 No.52 / No.540 No.3
No.60 No.42 / No.50 / No.542 No.6 / No.4A
The table above is to help you decide which filter paper is suitable for you to use, since it can be vary on its performances
   depending on the manufacturers.