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HYUNDAI MICRO's pH indicator papers are easy to handle and measure for pH range.
The colors of the scales are specially mixed to perfectly match the reaction color of
   the indicator papers. Plastic reels that ensure long-term stability and protection against many external influences.
The indicator paper will always be ready-to-use when needed.

For school materials, drainage test, process control

Grade Item code Range measurement of pH Size
UNIV UNIVERSAL HM.001011 1-11 7mm x 5M
UNIV UNIVERSAL HM.001014 1-14 7mm x 5M

Measuring Range : pH 1~11
pH unit graduations between each 1 unit
Suitable for estimated measurement of pH in unknown liquid
Easy to measure by clear color in a range of measurement

Measuring Range : pH 1~14
pH unit graduation : pH 1~10 each unit 1, pH 10~14 each unit 2
Suitable for measurement of close to neutral colors
Suitable for measurement of pH in unknown liquid

A buffering agent is a weak acid or base used to maintain the acidity(pH) of a solution near a chosen value after the addition of another acid or base.
That is, the function of a buffering agent is to prevent a rapid change in pH when acids or bases are added to the solution.Buffering agents have variable properties some are more soluble than others; some are acidic while other are basic.
As pH managers, they are important in many chemical applications, including agriculture,food processing, biochemistry and medicine.

some proteins have adsorption against pH indicator
pH indicators have difference colors by proteins adsorption.

Some alkaloids have adsorption against pH indicator
pH indicator have difference colors by proteins adsorption

Salt error is occurred when high salt concentration
Alcohol error : alcohol,mixed liquid of organic solvent,high concentration solvent
Unavailable for measurement when the temperature of test liquid is high
Unavailable for measurement when solvent has much oxidation and deoxidation in it